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Vendor Spotlight: Erica Britney Fremeau

Our “Vendor Spotlight” series introduces local wedding vendors we love to work with, and that we are confident you will, too. Today, we are introducing Erica Britney Fremeau, a Vancouver based Realtor who specializes in space planning & interior design.

I admit that Realtors are not necessarily the first business that comes to mind when one thinks “wedding.  Let’s face it, whether or not you are getting married and buying your first property together, or are having a new baby on your way and need to upgrade: You need a Realtor.

And if you thought buying your wedding dress, or selecting your photographer is stressful, try buying a house. It’s a lot of money on the line, so many things can go wrong, you have – potentially – never done this before and, yes, you have many ideas, but the more you look the more questions come up.

In short: It’s stressful. It’s scary. You need someone you can trust. Someone who understands your needs, your worries, concerns and actually has YOUR interests in mind. 

Hard to find? You bet. I remember going through no less than 7 Realtors when I purchased my first house. And that stressed me out even more!

Now, I had the pleasure of knowing Erica for a while. She understands the fears, uncertainty and doubt of a buyer. Erica really goes the extra mile to educate her clients properly on everything you need to know, and also provides them with plenty of trusted, personally vetted resources they need (and I wished I had had when I purchased my own dwellings).

But that’s not all. Erica has an interior design background. This allows her to help her clients save money by make the best use of their new space, and visualize different setups and space usage options within different homes.

As always, don’t take my word for it, see for yourself, and talk to Erica directly: She can be reached at 

Website: LiveOutsideTheBoxStudio.com
Email: Erica@LiveOutsideTheBoxStudio.com
Twitter: LOTBstudio
Facebook: Live Outside The Box Studio

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