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Ways to arrive at your own wedding – Part II

We now know how we could surprise everybody at the wedding with a romantic arrival, but let’s see how you could make your entrance fun, original and one to remember of course. If you wouldn’t be afraid of accessorizing your wedding dress with sneakers, or wearing a knee-length bridal dress then these ideas might be perfect for your wedding.


If you and your partner are into sports and you like riding bikes here are some ideas of how you could incorporate your hobby into your wedding day. You and your future husband could arrive at the ceremony by bike. To make it more special, you can accessorize your bike with flowers matching your wedding theme and your partner’s bike could have a funny sign on. Another way you could use this transportation method could be if you go for a bicycle built for two. This can be really fun, and you can decide who seats in the front seat and who takes who to the wedding.
If your guests are mainly young people, you can spice things up and rent a bike for each guest and you can all ride the bikes together from the ceremony to the party. Of course, this depends of the distance between the church and the restaurant and you would have to inform all the guests in advance so they would dress appropriate. You could accessorize the ladies bikes with flowers and the men’s bikes with balloons.
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As fun and unexpected as this could be, it might also be hard to do it, if you want to arrive at the ceremony with your hair and dress intact. You could choose a motorcycle with a side car, and this way you could make an interesting entrance and also look great when you get there. However, if you go for a natural look on your wedding day, you can put your helmet on and get on a motorcycle with your man.
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<h2>Golf cart</h2>
This is another cute way of arriving to your wedding ceremony. It will be comfy and also interesting, so you should definitely consider it. Starting from this idea you can of course build a whole wedding theme. If your wedding will take place in the summer season, you could have the ceremony on a field or in a park and then a golf cart would be a great idea.
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