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Wedding Bands vs. DJs

The most important part of your wedding day is the ceremony, but you’ll be spending a majority of your time at the reception. That’s why booking an officiant and finding the perfect place to say your vows requires just a small fraction of your overall planning time slot. How do you keep the reception moving along at the perfect pace while making sure your guests are enjoying every moment spent during your big day? One word: music. Should you book a live band, though, or leave it in the hands of a seasoned DJ?

The Case for Live Bands

Live music, by far, sets a much more personal atmosphere. If you want a distinct type of music at your wedding, like soft string melodies or big band tunes, hire a band in a specific niche. Another perk to booking a band is that they can customize and improvise songs for you. For example, if your father-daughter dance song was recorded by a man, but you want a woman to sing it at your wedding, your band may be able to accommodate this. In the end, some people simply enjoy live music more. It’s energetic, unpredictable (in a good way) and right there in front of you.

The Case for DJs

Want a selection from every song that’s ever been recorded, including alternative versions of original songs and rare tracks that nobody’s ever heard of? Your DJ has it. And if he doesn’t have it right this second, he can have it about five minutes from now. Whether your ideal reception soundtrack fades from reggae to opera with some classic rock thrown in or you want your guests to make requests throughout the night, the answer is “you got it.” Plus, you’re guaranteed that the performer won’t forget the words to your first dance song halfway through.

Whatever You Do…

…don’t be too strict with your playlist. You get to choose specialty songs, like the first dance and cake cutting theme. You can also write short lists of “Please Play” and “Don’t Play” tracks. You can even request a specific genre for most of the music. If you get too specific, though, you’re going to run up against a wall. DJs and bands alike want some freedom when it comes to a wedding setlist. Besides, they’ve played weddings a million times – they know what they’re doing. The more cooperative you are, the more accommodating they’ll be.

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Music is life (at-least for me) and when its about "the wedding day" then it has to be perfect…. i would prefer live band than DJ, the ambiance created by live band is unbeatable … and i do agree with your "playlist" opinion …

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