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Wedding Color Combinations and Color Trends of 2013

You’ve likely noticed all the magnificent and inspiring colors in wedding schemes this 2013.  This year, the statement is stronger and bolder, as well as, softer than ever with daring and bold colors, soft pastels with silvers, earth tones, and metallic- colors are magnificently romantic and fabulously sophisticated this year.  Brides have the freedom to express themselves more this year than any year in the past.  Colors are dazzling, with mint and tangerine tango being dubbed as two of the most popular wedding colors for 2013. The colors excel into the daring, which include red weddings, right down to the wedding gown. Red, as well as other strong and daring colors has become a hit on the runways (and the brides look romantically stunning!)  We’ve outlined some choice color schemes for this year, as well as, some HOT colors for this year’s wedding scheme colors, and you’ll find while some are out of the ordinary, the colors are truly exceptional.  This year, some of the most unusual colors are coming together, and each offers their own special sentiment.

Wedding Color Combinations 2013

This year, you are going to find many color combinations that are new to the scene.  There is something for everyone’s taste in wedding colors, and for every wedding level- from the casual wedding to an elegantly formal wedding.

Light Teal, Tangerine and Salmon

Light teal, tangerine and salmon are colors that you’ll see on the list of possibilities in wedding color combinations and shades that are ideal for the casual daytime wedding.  The colors are bright and whimsical and there are so many possibilities in decorations to add to the theme.

Light Teal, Tangerine and Salmon themed wedding photo collage
Photo Courtesy of The Knor

Rose, Willow and Cream

This color combination is fabulously beautiful together and one that is ideal for a fall vintage wedding; complementing colors that accentuate the color scheme magnificently are wood tones and neutrals.

Rose, Willow and Cream themed wedding photo collage
Photo courtesy of The Knot

Tangerine Tango and Teal

As one of the colors “picks” of 2013, you’ll see tangerine and hues of tangerine being paired with a variety of colors.  One color combination that is ideal for an outdoor wedding is tangerine and teal, which offers a modern style which is cheerful and crisp, as well as, a bit rustic.

Tangerine Tango and Teal themed wedding photo collage
Photo courtesy of Society Bride

Navy, Blush and Silver

For the classic ballroom wedding navy, blush and silver is a color combination that offers a sophisticated statement.  It’s romantic, dramatic, light, and cool, with an absolutely clean, formal feel.

Navy, Blush and Silver themed wedding photo collage
Photo courtesy of The Knot

Peach, Periwinkle and Pearl

Peach, periwinkle and pearl make the perfect combination for outdoor garden weddings.

Peach, Periwinkle and Pearl themed wedding photo collage
Photo Courtesy of The Knot

Hunter, Oregano and Peony

Hunter, oregano, and peony is a color combination that is typically like among men (even those tough grooms-to-be that steer away from many feminine colors- the reason why is the hunter color in the color scheme tends to masculine characteristics; yet, it remains romantically feminine for the bride.  This is a wonderful color combination for a classic outdoor wedding.

Hunter, Oregano and Peony themed wedding photo collage
Photo courtesy of The Knot

Bronze, Pewter and Cream

Bronze, pewter and cream is a glamorous color combination that is inspiring,  and ideal for vintage formal weddings.

Bronze, Pewter and Cream themed wedding photo collage
Photo courtesy of The Knot

Wedding Colors 2013


You’ll also see the addition of some fabulous wedding colors on the set for weddings this 2013.  Among one of the most stunning wedding colors is champagne, which is both unique and elegant and ideal for a winter wedding.   Champagne can be paired with a number of colors which include black for a more formal wedding or a beautiful blue or pink for a more casual wedding.

Champagne color themed wedding accessory and cake
Photo courtesy of My Wedding

Champagne color themed wedding accessory
Photo courtesy of Percy Handmade

You’ll also see many champagne color wedding gowns this year which give the modern bride a beautifully natural look of sophistication, elegance and charm.

Bride wearing Champagne colored wedding gown
Photo courtesy of Society Brides

A pale metallic green is also fabulously beautiful when paired with champagne and offers a touch of warmth.

Pale metallic green bouquet
Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Champagne and black offers a formal scheme that is dramatic and luxurious and a nice change from black and white wedding schemes.  This can also be an ideal color combination for vintage weddings.

Champagne and Black wedding cakes and accesories
Photo courtesy of Wedding Source

Champagne, peach and silver is another fabulous color combination.

Champagne, Peach and Silver table decorations
Photo courtesy of DIY Wedding Planner


Emerald is an inspiring color that sparkles and fascinates the eye of the beholder and symbolizes renewal, rejuvenation, and clarity. It is a color that promotes balance and harmony. It is also an elegantly sophisticated color in the theme of a wedding.

Emerald colored wedding dress
Photo courtesy of Bridal Expo Chicago

Emerald themed wedding photo collage
Photo courtesy of Bridal Expo Chicago

The colors are endless this 2013 as you can see from the above examples of wedding colors and wedding color schemes and this year you’ll find nearly every color on the palette in wonderful dimensions and hues.  It is a fabulous year for weddings and brides and their wonderful grooms to be will have a fabulous time exploring the color possibilities.  To help you a bit, we thought we would leave you with a few tips on how to choose wedding color scheme.

How to Choose Your Wedding Color Scheme

Choosing your wedding colors is confusing, and nearly every bride goes somewhat in circles when they first begin to look at all the possibilities.   The bridal magazines and stores are chock full of ideas and each can lure an emotion that has you going in all directions.  Brides have a dynamic choice of color schemes and you’ll find everything is accentuated with color- the wedding cake, wedding invitations, the centerpieces, and even your bridal gown.  It is a year of color décor, and you’ll definitely want to coordinate your colors.

Choosing Your Color

Most brides to be first think of their gown and the color that they would like for themselves and their bridesmaids.  There is one problem here.  If you aren’t having an outside wedding then you need to consider your venue.  The scheme in your reception space will play a roll.  Consider that you have chosen a venue with a navy and gold color scheme; you definitely are not going to want to add lime green to the color scheme.  Therefore, work in the colors of your reception venue or go with a color scheme that suits the shades of your reception venue if the colors are not neutral.

The next step in choosing your color combinations is to become aware of color combinations that you like- here, you’ll have a number of helpful sources which include fashion and bridal magazines, elegant restaurants, art galleries, and more.  Once you have the choices narrowed down, then visit a paint or fabric store to collect chips or swatches of colors that you might want to use.  This is a great help as you can see all the different hues in a color which will help you to get more specific in your color scheme.  If you have access to a Pantone Book, take advantage of it and use the color collection to help to choose your shade the same way graphic designers do.   This is a book that designers, cake bakers and alike use to mink and create color dyes.  Also, always remember, that you are not limited to one or two colors.  This year’s wedding color schemes introduce a boutique of colors and hues.

Where and How to Execute Color

The mood you are trying to create will influence where and how you use color for your wedding.  Your best approach here is to determine what emotions you want you and your groom’s wedding celebration to evoke- a romantic wedding with old world charm, a peaceful, Zen like retreat, a country-chic style wedding, an energetic celebration, etc.

Your colors need to fit your theme.  For instance if you are having a waterside wedding then a green, cantaloupe and copper can be elegantly romantic, as well as, sophisticated.  If you want something a little less formal, then you might go with a leaf green and copper.

The Elements of Style

This year’s styles in gowns are range from white to red, and color accents are more infused than ever before.  You’ll see every color in a sash, as well as, many wedding gowns in the color of champagne which is a beautifully elegant color.  This year’s trends for the grooms are to express their personality in their cuff links.  Another change you’ll see this year is that you won’t see the color combination run into all areas of the wedding. This is contrary to years past when everything was the same colors- the bridesmaids dresses right down to the invitation ribbons and favors match the color of the wedding party.  This year is a year for mixing matching dresses in varying shades.


The invitations will be the first “glimpse” of your wedding day that your guests will receive, and you’ll want to set the stage for the event.  Keep the tone of the invitations centered around the mood that you would like to evoke for the big day.  Coordinate the invitation colors with those of your wedding colors, and do not be afraid to elaborate on colors.

Flowers and Décor

Flowers are something that are offered in nearly every hue of color today; but, you’ll still have the concern of the blooms.  Consider your “dream” flower.  Here it is best to visit a florist and view all the flower options available to you- this isn’t just to discover the beauty of the flowers and what flowers are an option for your wedding date, but, you’ll also be able to learn a bit about the history of the flower.  Like the rose, which symbolizes love, specific flowers represent specific meanings, and you might discover a bloom that expresses your emotion and evokes the mood you are trying to portray.  Also, the bridal boutique, maid of honor boutique, and bridesmaids’ boutique may not be your only consideration.  Many brides today are adding flowers to the tables as centerpieces, and this is a great way to discover beautiful combinations that are suited for your wedding color scheme and theme.

Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is another place to draw excitement in wedding styles this year.  This year, wedding cakes are beautifully decorated and include glorious colors- this is also one of the easiest places to add color.

For a wedding color scheme with bright colors, you might choose a cake with white icing with the colors accented in the background.  Champagne is also a popular color as a wedding color and you’ll find a popular color in or as an addition to a wedding cake this year.  The possibilities are endless, from cakes that are decorated in a “cameo” style, to metallic cakes, to the traditional white.  Cakes are something that brides this 2013 will thoroughly enjoy shopping for with their grooms, as the selection and designs are fabulous.


Favors have become much more than the match books or rice bags with the name of the bride and groom, and they are much more colorful in appearance.  Your favors are typically matched to your color scheme, which is nice, as part of the wedding memory for your guests is in part, the color of your wedding scheme.  If your favors are neutral, use ribbons to incorporate the color of your wedding colors.  Also, if the favors are going to be an addition to the guest plate settings, then be sure that you take into consideration their appearance with your table flowers, centerpieces, and linens.

New Ways to Use Color

While you’ll see more and more color schemes with different hues of a color this year, (and year’s past) don’t go overboard with one color.  Consider all the elements of the wedding and see where you
can, or should make additions to color.  If your color scheme is champagne, you definitely don’t want everything from the gown, to the invitations, to the flowers, to the cake and to the favors in the color of champagne.  You want to add colors that are complementing, but, don’t add too many!  This is just one of the color mistakes that brides and grooms make (which we cover right below).  Also, think of the small details, the napkins, your ring pillow, signature drinks, candles, your guestbook, etc., and how you can coordinate your color scheme to a dazzling combination that sets the tone and mood which you’d like to evoke for your wedding day.   There is no day (except for the birth of your child) that is as important as your wedding day, and every last detail should be considered.

Wedding Color Mistakes NOT TO MAKE

  1. Going overboard on colors.  Wedding color designer experts suggest choosing three to four colors.  More than four colors and the color scheme is no longer a scheme, but, a hodge podge of colors.  If you are after a bit of an undone look, then consider differed shades of the same color.  This will add a more drama without looking like a mess.  Your colors will evoke the mood you wish to set, and your goal is to achieve the optimal impact on your guests and express your sentiment of the day in a tailored manner.
  2. Choosing trendy colors. The bridal magazines and shops are going to be filled with the latest color combinations; but, there’s still one thing to consider- the colors you adore.  You want your wedding colors to not necessarily be the latest color combination, but colors that you can adore the rest of your life.  Consider the colors that surround you now.  Consider what your favorite colors in clothing.  Consider the colors that make you happy, warm, and inspired.  What color seems to express love for you?  When you consider all these aspects, it will help you to be inspired, and to go with a color that is suited for you and your groom.
  3. Choosing an oversaturated color combination.  Balance and harmony are essential in wedding color combinations- and picking a muted secondary color should be something you “just do”.  This is not only to not oversaturate the color combination with one color, but the contrast will enhance your favorite color, which will take the limelight.  If you find this a bit too daring, then accent the combination with an accent color that is an in-between shade and softens the combination.
  4. Don’t go with the ordinary colors.  Granted, black and white and gold go fabulously together, or even red, white and blue, but each is ordinary.  Go with the unpredictable.  For instance, if you were to go red, white and blue, guests would immediately associate your wedding with the 4th of July.  Although both are wonderful celebrations, your wedding day is a day when you want colors to express the sentiment and declaration of your love and union.
  5. Ignoring your venue colors.  As we have discussed earlier in this article, brides and grooms often ignore their wedding venue colors, and this can be a drastic oversight.  Your receptions hall or space should not clash with your wedding color scheme.  If you find that you are leaning towards color combinations that don’t suit the color combination or color of your reception venue, then steer away from your choice and begin to find a combination of colors that is appropriate.  Remember there are so many shades to colors; so, if your heart is set on your color combination, consider the colors in shades that will blend nicely with your wedding venue.
  6. Not coordinating all elements of your wedding.  Your wedding has so many small details to consider and one major oversight, aside from the wedding reception venue, is the paper elements.   Your paper elements, i.e. your wedding invitations and thank you notes should be coordinated with your wedding colors.  You also don’t want to go off the theme of your wedding.  If you are having a barefoot garden ceremony at midnight, then you definitely don’t want to send out elegantly formal invitations of black and white and gold, which would lead your guests to believe that the celebration was going to be extremely formal.
  7. Ignoring Texture.  Colors aren’t the only important element in the wedding- textures are, as well.  Brides often forget to bring multiple textures into the wedding day which adds to the drama of the event.  When you combine textures and hues, it can add a much greater dimension and depth to the venue, and the wedding atmosphere.
  8. Limiting yourself to two colors.  Today’s modern weddings, as well as, dazzling weddings have more than the one-two look in colors.  Your wedding combination should have a variety of colors, which work together to create that special ambiance.
  9. Trying to color match the flowers.  If you find that the blooms you have your heart set on do not come in your primary wedding color, don’t be unworkable.  Instead consider neutral flowers that will complement (and not compete) with your wedding color scheme.   Your wedding will have so many intricate details- the centerpieces, the napkins, the ribbons, etc., that can show off your color.
  10. Insisting the bridal party wear your colors.  Choose flattering colors for your bridesmaids like dark brown, blush, eggplant, etc.  You want to choose the most flattering color you have on your palette.  Use your colors on your table linen overlays, glassware, dinner plates, etc.  You’ll definitely be happy you did, as your wedding party will look fabulous- especially when you look back on your photos of the day when you are old and gray!

Colors are such an important element of your wedding.  Be sure to choose colors that you can live with for many years.

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