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Wedding Colour Themes

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Anne Designs
Every wedding should have a colour theme. Without one, the overall look is uncoordinated and the décor will clash. Colour themes can be as simple as “pink and white.” Or they can be more complicated like “muted cool colours.” Whatever the theme, it should be consistent throughout the wedding party and décor. This makes the ceremony aesthetically pleasing and the colours in the photos will bring harmony to the image. A photo with a loud burst of clashing colour in one corner will detract from the overall image.
Photo courtesy of Talk Wedding
When choosing colour schemes keep in mind the colours the bride and groom enjoy wearing. Even though the bride may be in white, if she is surrounded by colours that don’t flatter her skin tone, it will detract from the image.
Photo courtesy of Capitol Romance
Another consideration is the weather. On a hot, summer day, you may not want to be surrounded by hot, deep colours. Cool colours can provide a refreshing atmosphere on a hot day. This is particularly helpful if you are having an afternoon ceremony on a summer day.
You can have as many colour combinations as you want for your wedding theme. However, it is usually easier to stick to two or three. And these days, nearly any colour combination will work. Classics are still beautiful, like pink and white, but you can make unusual colour combinations work as well, such as fuchsia and lime green or red and aquamarine. If you want to keep things simple, choose black and white as your two base colours and simply add your favourite colour to the mix. This works well if the bride and groom have the same favourite colour.
Photo courtesy of Best Hawaiian Weddings 
When choosing colours, select shades that are easy to find and that will flatter everyone else in your party. It might be nice to have tangerine as a principle colour but can you find your décor items in this colour and will your bridesmaids look good in it? Keep this in mind as you shop. While the bride is the focus of many photos, the bridesmaids will have their time in front of the camera and if they look washed out or like a carrot, the whole image will be affected. That said, not every dress has to be made out of the same colour. You can find dresses that coordinate but suit each bridesmaid. Thankfully, the days of humiliating your friends in horrible dresses are past. Now, everyone gets to look good on the wedding day.
Photo courtesy of Eternal Reflections
Add colour from your palette in little touches throughout the décor. The groom and groomsmen can have colour in their ties or boutonnieres. For a casual wedding, a colourful shirt under a jacket might be enough colour. The bride and bridesmaids can add colour in their hair, corsages and jewellery. The bride may even choose a wedding dress with touches of colour, like a bright sash.
Photo courtesy of Bliss Tree
When you see your wedding photos, you’ll be glad you took the time to coordinate your colours. Coordinating colors don’t have to match… they just need to look coordinated, and that brings a uniformity to a photo that completes it.

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