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West Vancouver Engagement Shoot at Ambleside Park

Liana and Nick @ Ambleside Park Liana and Nick @ Ambleside Park
Awwww. Just look at that smile! Or smirk? Grin? Let us introduce you to Liana and Nick, one of the lovely couple-winners of the Dream Wedding from the Vancouver Bridal Fair back in January. As winners of the engagement session of Vancouver, Liana and Nick showed how glad to have reached the dating finish line with each other. Aren’t they so perfect together?! Ahhh love is in the air! It is these moments that make our Photography life so blessed and meaningful.
Beautiful Ambleside Park piers Beautiful Ambleside Park piers
After bouncing some ideas around, they ended up choosing Ambleside Park in West Vancouver. As you can see: it was a great choice! Ambleside Vancouver had everything they needed to display both of their personalities as a newly engaged couple. Hmm… Now we’re curious how their wedding photos will turn out!
Liana and Nick along the train tracks Liana and Nick along the train tracks
To get into the park itself, one has to cross the train tracks. So we used the tracks to get the “standard” shots out of the way. We then picked a flower from a nearby tree to create something a bit different from the usual “walking hand in hand along the tracks.” As a Wedding Photographer, we constantly try and come up with new takes on old concepts.
L+N with super happy Accordion Guy L+N with super happy Accordion Guy
The path along the beach crosses several little bridges, and we ran into a man with a mini accordion. Immediately, with his cheerful comedic attitude, he made Liana and Nick laugh and loosened them up with ease. It’s always refreshing to meet random happy strangers in Vancouver. Thanks for the entertainment, Mr. Accordion Guy! Maybe he should be part of Liana and Nick’s wedding band…? What do you think?
Please don't rain, Please don't rain. Please don't rain. Pleaaaase! Please don’t rain, Please don’t rain. Please don’t rain. Pleaaaase!
We then strolled along the beach letting the wind take us where we may go. Then clouds started rolling in, creating a gloomy, yet relaxing backdrop. Perfect timing, if you ask me! We just love how Vancouver covers every type of scenery and weather. Our photographs turned out just perfect for these love bugs’ engagement photos! It’s like a symbolism for their love for each other: being able to withstand any grungy, stormy day. Happy engagement, guys!
Time to add in some color! Time to add in some color!
Along Ambleside of West Vancouver, the abundance of  piers invited us for some more wide angle shots. We brought in a bright red umbrella to add a spec of color to draw attention towards the couple. Can you see them? Hehe…
Kids only?! Nahhhhhhhhh! Kids only?! Nahhhhhhhhh!
Another photographed symbolism for their young loving engagement: a light bulb lit up when we stumbled upon an adorable wood-based playground for “children.” We are all kids at heart, so we shamelessly invaded the miniature playland. Yup, that’s our justifying reason! We can see why you guys have chosen Ambleside Park! This side of Vancouver is so versatile!
Liana and Nick are so adorable together! Congratulations, love birds! Liana and Nick are so adorable together! Congratulations, love birds!
We finished the day up in a tree that that was too perfectly shaped to pass up. The curved trunk just screamed for us to have Liana to be draped over… Like we’ve mentioned before, Vancouver has got everything we needed for Liana and Nick’s Engagement Photoshoot. We are so glad to be where we are today!
Liana and Nick were so much fun and easy going to work with. Overall, it has been a privilege to be able to work with such a wonderful couple like them. Thank you, L+N! You guys have reinforced how lucky we are to be in the Wedding/Engagement Photography field. Congratulations on your engagement and have a happy life with each other!

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