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Your Model Can't Read Your Mind

Yesterday a model told me how much she appreciated the experience in front of my camera – she specifically complimented me on the way I interacted with her.
This is a crucial point many photographers forget: You have a human being in front of your camera, and one that cannot read your mind! It’s our job as photographers to make people in front of our lens comfortable, to convey our vision, to direct, get real emotions out of them, real smiles, real tears, etc. This starts well before the model sets foot into your studio, at the very first contact, be that email or phone call.
If you can’t do that, you better shoot food or landscapes. Oh wait – our customers are… again… human beings. Damn….
Don’t believe me? PDNonline released a video interview in which master portrait photographer, Greg Heisler. It’s only a couple of minutes, but well worth your time!
You can watch the video here

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