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Your Newlywed "To Do" List, Part 1

Once you’ve said your vows, cut the cake and spent two blissful weeks relaxing on your honeymoon, the fun – and work – of your wedding comes to a halt, right? Wrong! You’ve still got a list of “To Do” items to take care of before you can comfortably snuggle into marriage bliss.

1. Care For Your Gown

Don’t let your beautiful wedding gown get crumpled in the back of your closet. Have it dry cleaned within six months max after your wedding – the sooner, the better. Make sure to only bring your beloved dress to a cleaner that specializes in wedding gowns. Special solvents should be used on your dress and it should be stuffed with acid-free tissue. Also, make sure that when you get it back, there aren’t any metal pins or buckles on it for any reason. Store the dress in a box and keep it in a cool, dry area (a spare closet instead of a musty basement, for example). Some new brides even choose to display their gown in their home!
Photo courtesy of Bravo TV. Photo courtesy of Bravo TV.

2. Change Your Name

If you’re planning on changing your name, do so within three months of your wedding. First, you’ll want to change your name on your driver’s license at DMV.org. Depending on your state, you may have to physically bring your marriage license to the DMV for proof of your new name. If you have a passport, have that changed next – you’ll likely have to mail in your current passport, a copy of your marriage certificate and new passport photos. Then, change your social security card and your credit cards. You can also download one of many “Name Change” checklists which covers every single place obvious and obscure you’ll want to contact.

3. Consult Your Accountant About Taxes

It’s not mandatory to file your taxes jointly after you’re married, but in most cases, it’s recommended. Decide whether you’re going to continue filing separately or not. If you have an accountant, it’s best to get their input before making this decision. You want to get this task done quickly, but even more so if tax season is fast approaching.

4. Send Thank You Notes

Photo courtesy of Etsy. Photo courtesy of Etsy.
Assume that if youfeel like your “thank you” notes should’ve gone out already, your friends and family are starting to lose their patience, too. Try to get them out within two months of your wedding. They don’t have to all be sent at the same exact time so long as they’re mailed out relatively close to each other. Set a goal of writing out ten cards per night and sending them the next morning until they’re finished. To make this task less daunting, divide it up – you and your groom can each take half the stack. If you have a groom who’s not too keen on this idea, have him write cards just to his side of the family and his close friends. Sign your names by hand individually, but feel free to print off address and return labels from your computer.

To be continued!

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