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Your Newlywed "To Do" List, Part 2

You’ve cared for your wedding gown, changed your name, figured out how to handle your taxes and finally sent your thank you notes. Your newlywed checklist is almost over! Here are the next few important items to tackle so you can actually enjoy being married!

5. Send Out Your New Address

Don’t get rid of that list of your wedding guests’ addresses quite yet! If you and your guy have moved, send a “Change of Address” notice to your friends and family members. The traditional route is to buy moving announcements and send them via snail mail. Or, you can send an e-card or mass e-mail, which is completely acceptable too.
Photo courtesy of Oh So Beautiful Paper.  Photo courtesy of Oh So Beautiful Paper.

6. Return Unwanted Gifts

If you and your groom were gifted with three new vacuum cleaners but you don’t have a coffee machine yet, return the gifts you got duplicates of ASAP. If you wait too long, you may be stuck with store credit or, worse, not being able to return the item at all, depending on each store’s return policy. Plus, you’ll also end up with clutter in your home when you could have items you actually want taking up space.

7. Choose Your Wedding Photos and Videos

If you didn’t read your photographer’s and videographer’s contract fully (and be honest, you didn’t), you may be running out of time to finalize your photo and video choices. Standard contracts require you to make your selections within six months after the wedding. If you wait too long, you could end up paying extra. Plus, wouldn’t it be great to flip through your wedding album and watch a video of your vows on your first anniversary?
Photo courtesy of Etsy. Photo courtesy of Etsy.

8. Sort Out Your Finances

With any luck, you and your hubby had the dreaded money conversation well before your wedding day. If you didn’t hash out the nitty gritty details yet, though, get it over with as quickly as you can. Figure out how you’re going to merge your income and bank accounts. Then, fill out the necessary paperwork to have joint bank accounts, credit cards and checks.

9. Update Your Insurance Information

Being legally married also means being each other’s legal beneficiaries for work and life insurance. Contact your insurance’s Human Resources department to find out what you have to do to make these changes. You’ll also want to figure out who’s health insurance plan you’re going to use, which means comparing cost, treatment options and covered doctors.

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